The RRC Artwork

Based on our existing expertise and contacts in the art world, there was readily available talent to choose from, for the creation of the iconic rabbit.

The closer you look, the more you can see that a real artist has created the Royal Rabbits and the individualizations were a collective effort.

We are convinced that the NFT artwork of the RRC will stand the test of time, unlike many other creations that will simply be forgotten.

We have chosen to go down the road of anonymous creation to honor the legacy of the illusive creator of the Blockchain and Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, making the result more important than the creator. We have also chosen to disperse 100% of the royalties to the community, making the collective more important than the individual.


Apart from the artistic appeal and the limited number of the Royal Rabbits, a key factor for future, exponential valuations of our NFTs are the distribution and redistribution of the royalties.

Our community receives 100% of the royalties that are generated from sales on the market, primarily on OpenSea. As it was coded into our smart contract, the first people who minted Royal Rabbits are considered VIPs and will receive 50% of the royalties collected on the market.

The Rabbits Number 1 to 403 were minted in the first 24 hours of the release and are therefore VIPs with the mentioned privilege.

The whitelisted investors will receive a pool of 25% of the royalties, 20% goes into the Play to Earn pool and 5% of the royalty pool goes to the holders who bought last, during the public sale.

We are the only NFT collection on the planet, who pay all the royalties back into the community!

Simply put, this is a massive value creation mechanism for sustained increase in prices over time. We will be minting for 0.4 ETH during the next mint, 0.3 ETH for the whitelist subscribers.

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