The idea for Royal Rabbits Club was born in the Fall of 2021. After extensive research and brainstorming in regards to the direction of the art, the team started reaching out to artists and developers across the globe in order to start building the core team for the project.

October 2021
The idea was born - First NFT Collection with 100% Royalties paid to the Community
November 2021
Visual Concept Creation and Artist Selection
December 2021
Artwork was created and Development set in motion
January 2022
Development Completion and Promotion, Discord community reaches 20’000 members
February 2022
First Mint of 777 completed within one week over 200 new Rabbit Collectors
March 2022
First Royalties are paid out and Mint 2.0 goes live
April 2022
Completion of the Play-To-Earn Rabbit Game in Sandbox
May 2022
Virtual Art Gallery launch

The ultimate goal of RRC is to create a strong community of NFT owners, collectors, fans and followers where everyone benefits and who together will lift the collection and the ecosystem to the top of the metaverse.

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Royal Rabbits Club's VIP Whitelist Now Open

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Royal Rabbits Club's VIP Whitelist Now Open

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Royal Rabbits Club's VIP Whitelist Now Open

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