The Royal Rabbits Team

  • The project is the brainchild of Mark Smith (Founder Rabbit), a young British entrepreneur who has started to earn his success from an early age when he was elected entrepreneur of the year two times in a row during his studies and later headed the business and enterprise team at Rydens Enterprise School.

    After his education he immediately joined a real estate investment firm in the UK where he excelled, climbed the corporate ladder and soon ventured out on his own to become a real estate investor. In 2017, after solidifying his success and financial freedom, he founded his passion project Marks Art, an art gallery, art storage and art insurances companies.

    Mark got drawn into the world of cryptos in 2018 when everyone was running for the hills. He was able to make a number of profitable investments and when the concept of the NFT came across his desk in 2021, Mark knew that he had to create value in this space, build a unique community and that’s how the Royal Rabbits Club was born. Mark lives by the mantra “you become what you think about” and he’s only had success on his mind since childhood.

  • Hassan El Karamany is another great asset of the RRC team. A highly motivated, young man who is well versed in the subject of FinTech and the Blockchain since he developed a keen interest in Technology and Finance from an early age. This is also reflected in his recently completed degree in International Finance.

    Hassan enjoys working in fast-paced environments and joined Mark Smith in 2020, working as a sales operations manager at Marks Art. His knowledge of financial instruments and smart contracts and relentless drive to succeed has become instrumental to the launch of Royal Rabbits Club.

  • Any project strongly benefits or rather needs a female touch, and for that we’re glad to have Yasaman Alavipour on board. Yasaman has a degree in education and psychology. She assists in all aspects of marketing and enjoys interacting with our Discord community. She is a very important part in our communications process. Helping others is one of Yasaman’s key goals in life and her multicultural background allows us to always add perspective in important conversations.

  • Thomas Walker, in charge of marketing and also a moderator on our Discord, has a background in sales and management. He personally took a keen interest in crypto assets since 2017 and recently developed a passion for NFT projects. Thomas, like all our team members, shares a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

    Thomas graduated from university with high honors in 2020 and holds a business degree. Parallel to his studies he worked in Real Estate, learning about brokerage and sales. Moving forward, he then transitioned from the Real Estate world and focused his attention on the brokerage of fine art. He crossed paths with our founder Mark Smith and joined Marks Art as a sales consultant. Shortly after, he seized the opportunity to be a part of the Royal Rabbits Club team, adding great value in marketing and moderation of our social media channels.

  • Next up is our “wizard” of the metaverse, Halil Abdullah who has taken the lead in the development of our presence in the virtual world. He is managing the development of our rabbit game and art gallery in the Sandbox. Halil is an avid student of millennial technology and currently completing his studies in Banking & Finance. Technology is his passion and he’s been drawn to the crypto space since his teenage years. Mark took Halil under his wing at Marks Art as he was working his way through his studies and he is now a very important member of the Royal Rabbits team, assisting in several areas beyond the development of the technology but also making sure that the RRC is well positioned for the future in the metaverse.

  • Last but certainly not least is Daniel Smith, graduate of Rydens Business & Enterprise College. He joined the team at the invitation of his brother Mark, keeping the family together in this new chapter of their ventures in the art world. Daniel has been the administrator of Marks Art and its subsidiaries, making sure that operations run smoothly.

    Due to his “out of the box” mindset, he is a great problem solver and can frequently offer a perspective that other RRC members might not have come up with. He also has a role as one of our Discord moderators and his highly appreciated by our community.

The team counts a few more support members who are too shy to be front and center but we acknowledge their importance as moderators on our Discord and executing other supportive tasks that are essential to our long-term success.

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